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Dear Friends,

I have spent the last 8 years teaching courses on ballet pedagogy and music for ballet dancers at the university level. A portion of each of these classes have been devoted to teaching ballet dancers and future ballet instructors to understand the music forms and meters commonly used in the ballet class to a greater extent.

Over the years I have received feedback from my students expressing interest in a product, a CD for ballet class, which they could use as a study guide as they learn to understand these music forms and how they support the ballet class structure. This CD was created to provide the resource my students have been looking for.

Amalie and I believe strongly that great music in the ballet technique classroom is not only inspirational, but also supports the artistry, musculature and technique that each of us in this field work towards building every day in the studio. We hope this CD will be a valuable tool for you and your students in bringing musical diversity to your classroom.

Happy dancing,
Shayla Bott

    Track List        
    1. Warm-up 3/4   “Ländler” (Schubert) – Ländler    
    2. Plié 6/8   “Gondoliera” (Minetti) – Barcarolle    
    3. Slow Tendu 4/4   “Czardas” from Raymonda (Glazunov) – Czardas Lassu    
    4. Tendu 3/4   “Minuet” (Clarke) – Minuet    
    5. Tendu 4/4   “Gavotte in b minor” (Bach) – Gavotte    
    6. Tendu with plié 3/4   “Frivole Mazurka Op. 88” (de Aceves) – Grand Waltz    
    7. Dégagé 4/4   “Perthshire Volunteers” (Traditional) – Strathspey    
    8. Dégagé 2/4   “Old Adam” (Bolcom) – Rag style mixture    
    9. Fast dégagé 6/8   “Neapolitan Fête” (Calamara) – Tarantella    
    10. Rond de jambe 3/4   “Down by the Salley Gardens” and “Come Thou Fount” (Irish Folk Tune/Robinson/Simper) – 3/4 adagio    
    11. Rond de jambe en l’air 6/8   “Throbbing Hearts” (Sabathil) – Lyric Waltz    
    12. Frappé 4/4   “Devil’s Dream” (Traditional) – Reel    
    13. Frappé 2/4   “What D’ye Mean You Lost Yer Dog” (Daly/Simper) – Two Step    
    14. Fondu 2/4   “O Sol de Mio” (di Capua) – Habañera    
    15. Fondu 3/4   “Nocturne in f# minor” (Balakirev) – Grand Waltz    
    16. Petit Battement 4/4   “Czardas for violin” (Monti/Simper) – Czardas Friszka    
    17. Petit Battement 2/4   “Etude Op. 76 No. 2” (Sibelius) – Running Polka    
    18. Adagio 6/8   “Nocturne in E flat” (Geibel) – 6/8 Adagio    
    19. Grand Battement 4/4   “March” from Norma (Bellini) – Military March    
    20. Grand Battement 6/8   “Viennese Refrain” (Felton/Simper) – Polonaise    
    21. Grand Battement en cloche 6/8   “Danse Aragonaise Op. 311” (Kern) – 6/8 Waltz    
    22. Slow Tendu 3/4   “Sarabande” from Sleeping Beauty (Tchaikovsky) – Sarabande    
    23. Slow Tendu 4/4   “Czardas for violin” (Monti/Simper) – Czardas Lassu    
    24. Tendu 3/4   “Silks and Rags No. 2” (Stone) – Rag Waltz    
    25. Tendu 3/4   “Silks and Rags No. 3” (Stone) – Rag Waltz    
    26. Tendu 3/4   “On the Street Where you Live” (Loewe/Simper) – Popular waltz    
    27. Tendu 4/4   “The Coy Princess” (Cadman) – Generic 4/4    
    28. Adagio 4/4   “Etude in E Major Op. 3 No. 5” (Scriabin) – 4/4 Adagio    
    29. Adagio 3/4   “Come To My Garden” (Simon/Simper) – 3/4 adagio    
    30. Adagio 5/4   “Etude in G flat Major Op. 30 No. 1” (Alphéraky) – 5/4 Adagio    
    31. Pirouette 3/4   “Valses Lentes” (Unknown) – Generic Waltz    
    32. Pirouette 3/4   “Perfumed Breezes” (Weyts) – Lyric Waltz    
    33. Pirouette 2/4   “Tango D’Irene Arganaraz” (Firpo/Simper) – Tango    
    34. Pirouette 3/4   “From the North” (Hewitt/Simper) – Mazurka    
    35. Pirouette 3/4   “June Bride” (Mercer) – Popular Waltz    
    36. Warm-up jump 6/8   “Scherzando” from Jerusalem (Verdi) – Big Polka    
    37. Warm-up jump 2/4   “Spreadin’ Rhythm Around (Kohler) – Popular song    
    38. Petit Allegro 3/4   “Recollections of Seville Op. 482” (Fink) – Polonaise    
    39. Petit Allegro 6/8   “The Thorn Birds Theme” (Mancini) – Jig    
    40. Petit Allegro 6/8   “Rory O’More” (Traditional) – Jig    
    41. Petit Allegro 6/8   “March from the Little Pierrots” (Boso) – 6/8 March    
    42. Petit Allegro 2/4   “Sylphette” (Howland) – Simple Polka    
    43. Petit Allegro 2/4   “Harlequin” (Bohm) – Simple Polka    
    44. Petit Allegro 2/4   “Rags To Burn” (Mc. Fadden) – Rag    
    45. Mezzo Allegro 3/8   “Carmelita” (Ferber) – Spanish Waltz    
    46. Grand Allegro 6/8   “Variation of Acteon” from Esmerelda (Pugni) – Grand Allegro Waltz    
    47. Grand Allegro (slower) 6/8   “Variation of Acteon” from Esmerelda (Pugni) – Grand Allegro Waltz    
    48. Pointe Exercise 4/4   “Barn Dance” (Traditional) – Stop Time    
    49. Men’s Jump 4/4   “Men’s Variation” from La Fille Mal Gardeé (Herold) – Big March    
    50. Turns en diagonal 2/4   “Sheridan’s Ride” (Paull) – Galop    
    51. Coda 2/4   “The Race and Parade of the Victors” (Paull) – Coda    
    52. Grand Battement 4/4   “March of the Men of Harlech” (Traditional) – Processional March    
    53. Reverence 3/4   “Largo” from Oboe Concerto in c minor (Marcello) – 3/4 adagio    

Shayla Bott has been teaching for 20 years in private studios, the University of Utah, Utah Valley University and currently as an assistant professor at Brigham Young University.  She holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Ballet Performance and a Masters of Fine Arts in Ballet with an emphasis on Choreography, Pedagogy and Music, both from the University of Utah. 

Amalie Simper holds a Bachelors in Music in piano performance and a Masters in Music in Piano Performance from Brigham Young University. She was also classically trained in ballet for 13 years and has accompanied all forms of dance for 11 years in private studios, Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University. Amalie is currently the head accompanist of the ballet program at Utah Valley University and the company pianist of Utah Regional Ballet.  

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